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  Scientific research generally refers to a series of activities such as investigation and research, experimentation, trial production, etc., to understand the inner nature and movement laws of objective things using scientific research methods and equipment. Provide theoretical basis for the creation and invention of new products and new technologies. The basic task of scientific research is to explore and understand the unknown. It has the following four characteristics:
  (1) Exploratory. Scientific research is the process of continuous exploration, turning the unknown into the known, and turning the less known into more knowing; this characteristic determines the uncertainty of the scientific research process and its results. The organization plan of scientific research is required to have a certain degree of flexibility.
  (2) Creativity. Scientific research is to create things that did not exist before. Without creativity, scientific research cannot be made; this characteristic requires scientific researchers to have creative ability and creative spirit.
  (3) Inheritance. The creation of scientific research is based on the achievements of the predecessors and is realized through inheritance. This characteristic determines that scientific researchers are only qualified and possible to conduct scientific research if they have mastered certain scientific knowledge.
  (4) Continuity. Scientific research is a long-term activity that must be carried out continuously; this characteristic determines that in the management of scientific research organizations, scientific researchers must be provided with sufficient and necessary conditions. In order to obtain higher efficiency and achieve results.

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